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Help! My back is in so much pain!

Is your back giving you a hard time? In a time of long commutes, 10-hour-work days and Netflix, it’s really not difficult to aggravate your spine. Usually, the problem is a lack of preventive measures and improper posture. However, the pain may indicate a more serious condition that may require medication or even back surgery. If you suffer from persistent back pain, i.e. for a few days in a row, make sure to schedule an appointment with our Orthopedic Surgeon in Palm Beach Gardens.

How to keep your back in good health?

  1. Control the position you’re in when standing or sitting; slouching can cause spine deformities and pain.
  2. Check your surroundings at work and on the way to work: Is your desk is at the right height? Is your computer monitor? Is your car’s seat properly set?
  3. Exercise to strengthen the muscles around your spine.
  4. When lifting an object, keep a wide stance and bend from the legs (not from the waist). Keep your back straight and don’t bend it.
  5. Eat foods rich in calcium and vitamin D; they will keep your bones strong.

Orthopedic Surgery in Palm Beach County

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