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Hip Replacement: Am I a good candidate for a Hip Replacement?

People who have ever suffered the pain of arthritis of the hip know how much it can affect their everyday life and routines.

It can really make you miserable – the inability to lead your life the way you used to do is what gets people frustrated. Symptoms of arthritis in the hip can typically include:

  • Joint stiffness that occurs as you are getting out of bed
  • Joint stiffness after you sit for a long time
  • Any pain, swelling, or tenderness in the hip joint
  • A sound or feeling (“crunching”) of bone rubbing against bone
  • The inability to move the hip to perform routine activities such as putting on your socks

If you suffer from any of the above, perhaps it’s time to visit an orthopaedic doctor to see if you are a good candidate for a hip replacement. Often described as one of the most successful operations of recent decades, orthopaedic hip replacements can now be performed arthroscopically. But what does that mean? Arthroscopic orthopaedic hip replacements (otherwise known as minimally invasive hip replacements) enable our orthopaedic surgeons in Palm Beach Orthopaedic Institute to replace the old hip with a new hip with a much smaller incision. This leaves a much smaller scar than traditional open hip surgery, plus also greatly reduces the recovery time.

If you are sick of the pain and the life stagnation that arthritis of the hip causes, visit Palm Beach Orthopaedic Institute and see how we can help you. Our team of experienced orthopaedic surgeons throughout Palm Beach County will determine the best treatment for you and make sure you get back on your feet in no time.

Where can I get a hip replacement in Palm Beach County?

Palm Beach Orthopaedic Institute has some of the leading orthopaedic surgeons in Palm Beach County, including orthopaedic surgeons who specialize in Arthroscopic Hip Surgery and Total Hip Replacement Surgery.

Reminder: Our orthopaedic surgeons in Palm Beach County are now available for orthopaedic appointments and treatment at four locations:

–West Palm Beach
–Palm Beach Gardens

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