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Recover Faster After Surgery

Recent research has found that patients who spend time in phone counseling sessions improve their engagement in physical therapy, thus improving their recovery outcomes after orthopedic surgery. Interesting, isn’t it?

The study, “Telephone-Based Intervention to Improve Rehabilitation Engagement After Spinal Stenosis Surgery: A Prospective Lagged Controlled Trial,” was published in the January 8, 2018, edition of The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery.

Researchers were interested in whether a brief telephone conversation could increase a patient’s engagement in physical therapy and improve post-orthopedic surgery recovery. Participants in the study were assigned to health behavior change counseling or usual care.

The early post-operative period is an important time when patients should be fully engaged in their physical therapy and home exercises despite the pain that is common after orthopedic surgeries. In the study, patients in the treatment group were involved in identifying goals and barriers to recovery during motivational interviews.

Studies showed that the comparative improvements in the intervention group had diminished by 2 and 3 years after orthopedic surgery; however, during the first 12 months, improvements were more visible in patients involved in counseling compared to the control sample. This allowed them to return to work or daily activities sooner and experience an improved quality of life compared to their peers who did not receive the intervention.

Doctors specializing in orthopedic surgery in Palm Beach County also suggest not waiting to seek out support from doctors, family or counselors during the recovery period; at the end of the day, health is the only thing that matters.

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