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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Global Period?

A global period is a period of time following surgery during which follow-up care is included in the payment for the procedure. Major procedures are more resource-intensive, require a longer recovery for the patient, and have a 90-day global period.

Do I need to see the doctor again before getting a new physical therapy order?

If you have been seen by us for your injury/condition within the past three months, you can request a new physical therapy script from your doctor.

If you have not been seen for your injury/condition with in the past three months, you will need to schedule an appointment to be reevaluated by your physician before they will order additional physical therapy visits.

How can I get a disabled parking permit?

You will need to have been evaluated by your physician within the past three months in order to be issued a temporary parking permit if your physician deems it medically necessary. PBOI physicians only offer temporary parking permits of up to six months.

What should I bring to my MRI follow up appointment?

You must bring your disc with your MRI images and your written MRI report to your appointment for your MRI review. The imaging center will provide you with the images and it usually takes about two days for imaging centers to complete your report.

If your MRI was performed at ADG (Advanced Diagnostic Group), PBOI will have direct access to your images and you do not need to bring a disc.

How do I make an appointment if I was injured at work?

If you are injured at your place of employment, we cannot bill through your private health insurance. You should consult with your employer to open a workers’ compensation claim. Only the workers’ compensation adjuster or nurse case manager can schedule your initial appointment with our office.

Who should I consult with to know if I can take medications prescribed for orthopedic use alongside other daily medications?

If you are currently taking medications for other health conditions, you should consult with your primary care physician to see if any prescribed medications conflict with each other.

How often can I get a cortisone injection?

Most physicians will administer cortisone injections once every three months. Please consult with your physician as this may vary between patients.

How often can I get a Viscosupplementation injection?

If covered by insurance, viscosupplementation injection(s) can be administered six months and one day after the most recent viscosupplementation injection.

How long should I wait after an injection to know if it worked?

Symptomatic relief can vary between patients. Some may experience immediate relief, while it may take others 3-4 weeks to achieve full results. If you are still experiencing pain after 3-4 weeks, you may consult your physician for more treatment options.

Where can I get my doctors notes once they are ready?
  • Patient Portal - You may log into the patient portal to review a brief summary of your office visits - Patient Portal - Click Here
  • Medical Records request - You may request your full office visit notes and other records by completing the medical records request form - Click Here
Can I return a brace or sling once I am done with it?

Once a brace or any other Durable Medical Equipment (DME) is dispensed to a patient, it is no longer the property of PBOI. Used or unused DME cannot be returned to PBOI.

Where can I return my Game Ready or Knee Scooter?

Game Ready and Knee Scooter rentals can be returned to any of our four PBOI locations.

How and when will I find out about my home health assignment after surgery?

The physician’s staff will set up your home health order and a case manager at the hospital will follow up and confirm your assignment.

How do I prepare myself for surgery?

Patients undergoing inpatient procedures or major surgeries will need routine blood work and a urinalysis performed within 4 weeks leading up to your scheduled surgery date. In addition, a chest x-ray and EKG may be ordered. A physical examination will be performed by your primary care physician within 1 month of surgery.

Why is my dental care important for surgery?

Because your mouth could be a potential source for infection, it is especially important to maintain proper dental hygiene if you are preparing to have a knee or hip replacement. If it has been over 1 year since your last dental visit, it is highly recommended that you see a dentist prior to surgery and have a dental clearance letter sent to our office. Dental procedures such as extractions and periodontal work should be completed before joint replacement to reduce the potential of infection.

How do I prepare myself the night before surgery?

You should not eat or drink anything after the midnight before your surgery. On the day of surgery, you should not eat or drink anything until after your procedure. On the morning of your surgery, you should only take the medications as instructed during you preoperative hospital visit. In addition, the hospital will provide you with a bottle of Chlorhexidine antiseptic soap during your pre op visit and interview with anesthesia. You MUST take a shower with this soap the night before AND the morning of surgery to reduce your risk of infection. Apply the soap to your entire body from the neck down (do not put the soap on your face or in your hair).

What should I bring to the hospital for my procedure?

All patients should bring with them personal toiletries and shaving gear, loose fitting, comfortable clothing, non skid shoes or slippers (slip-on type with closed back are preferred), a list of their current medications (including dosages), and any paperwork that the hospital may have requested. Please be advised that the hospital provides gowns, slipper socks, and a small toiletries supply.

*If you have any additional questions:
Please reach out to your doctor's team, or you may text or call us at .

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