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Patients can develop problems in the shoulder or elbow as a result of work injuries, traumatic injuries, sports activities, and aging and degenerative conditions. Palm Beach Orthopaedic Institute offers unparalleled treatment for injuries and disorders of the shoulder and elbow. Our team of physicians have advanced fellowship training and surgical experience in a wide range of complex procedures. Whether you are an athlete with a sports-related injury or a patient with a painful shoulder or elbow arthritis, you can rely on our PBOI physicians for outstanding care. From total shoulder replacement to arthroscopy surgery, our team has the experience necessary to diagnose and treat the problem.

Fellowship Trained



The elbow is a hinge joint made up of the humerus, ulna and radius. The primary stability of the elbow is provided by the ulnar collateral ligament, on the medial (inner) side of the elbow.

The shoulder is a complex structure made of three separate joints. They work together to give the shoulder a range of motion. The humerus is the large bone of the upper arm. The scapula is a flat, triangular bone at the rear of the shoulder and finally, the clavicle, often called the collarbone.



Patients with shoulder pain should seek help from a shoulder specialist to determine the source of your pain and provide you with a diagnosis. If you’ve already had X-rays or an MRI scan, your shoulder specialist will look at the images to help identify the cause of your pain. If not, he or she may order one or more of these tests:



There are a wide variety of conditions and injuries that affect the shoulder.  The cause of a shoulder injury may include overuse, repetitive use, and trauma. These injuries can lead to significant pain and discomfort, which can impact a person’s ability to work, play sports, or perform regular daily activities. Our shoulder specialist are experts at diagnosing and treating injuries and conditions of the shoulder, including rotator cuff injuries and arthritis.


Care & Management

Typically, our physicians recommend starting with nonsurgical treatment options. If your condition is severe or conservative treatments have failed, your doctor may recommend shoulder surgery. We offer the full spectrum of shoulder and elbow surgeries, from arthroscopy and minimally-invasive procedures to complex fracture correction, partial or complete replacement, as well as reverse shoulder arthroplasty.

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